Instant UBL For Redmi Note 8 Pro (Unofficial Unlock Bootloader For Begonia) Complete Tutorial

Easy way how to do Instant Unlock Bootloader for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia).

New Method, tested and work on all MIUI Version

Table of Contents


Sometime Unlock Bootloader will make problem such as

  • Void warranty (Depend on country)
  • You can’t get android update (OTA) On Stock ROM
  • Disable some of feature on phone, e.g Finger Print (rarely on som phone)

So Use it wisely

What is Unlock Bootloader?

Unlock bootloader is the process of disabling the bootloader security that makes secure boot possible. It can make advanced customizations possible, such as installing a custom firmware. The Procces ussual occur on Android smartphone

Some of the manifactur provide official unlock bootloader tools such as Xiaomi, Samsung and Realme. But sometime you have problem with some condiction.

When You Want To Use Unofficial Unlock Bootloader?

Usually when you want to use custom recovery, root your phone or want to use custom ROM but you have have problem on your phone, such as :

  • You Don’t want to wait 7 days using official way
  • Your phone got brick
  • You Forgot your mi account and doesn’t have phone number or email to recover it
  • You Buy the phone second handed and it still have mi account

File Needed

Steps To Instant Unlock Bootloader for Redmi Note 8 Pro?

  • Make sure backup all the data
  • Remove all the email and Mi Account
  • Install USBDK Driver and extract the MTK GSM Sulteng
  • Turn Of You’re Phone
  • On the tab Menu, select Phone type (1)
  • In The List Select your phone model (2)
  • Select UBL (unlock bootloader) in the check list button (3)
  • Hit Execute Button (4)
  • When it start loading (waiting For Device Connection) (5), Press booth volume up and volume down and plug your USB cable
  • It is done when you see a message “ALL IS DONE”
  • Un plug USB Cable and press Power Button To Turn On Your phone

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