Redmi 6/Redmi 6A Nusantara OS Android 12 (Unified) Certus ALPS How To

Complete Tutorial how to custom your Xiaomi Redmi 6a & Redmi 6 (Unified) Using Nusantara OS and other custom ROM.

Make sure u are in Stock ROM PIE, Using Oreo Stock will make ur devices brick! (death). If you have hard brick you can revive you devices using this tutorial

Table of Contents

Things You should Know

  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Certus = Cereus & Cactus
  • Take IMEI Backup !! Store backup on pc/sdcard (nvram, nvdata, nvcfcg)
  • if u’r still in oreo, flash pie stock ROM from fastboot
  • This tutorial can also be applied to other custom ROM
  • After flash android 10, for the first time wait 2 minutes then force reboot phone
  • Support Android 10, 11, 12, 12L
  • Install magisk on certus is a must. If dont install it will boot again to custom recovery or fastboot
  • There’s 2 type of ROM ==> arm32bit and arm64, booth use different vendor and gapps. Use your common sense

Video Tutorial

The video tutorial is using Nusantara OS, if you use other custom ROM just replace the Nusantara OS with other custom ROM


Custom ROM


Android 10

  • Nusantara
  • lineage-17.1-20211004-UNOFFICIAL-certus
    Bug offline charging, most smooth ROM no lag

Android 11

  • LineageOS 18.1 Android Go Edition
    Builder: m929 (MegaFon929)
  • ArrowOS-11-14052023-certus-ARM
    Dangeros Prop, Safety Net Failed
  • Nusantara_v3.4-11-certus-20112021-OFFICIAL-1605
  • ProjectSakura-5.2-VANILLA-20220106-0533-certus-UNOFFICIAL
    Lag, Dangeros Prop, Safety Net Failed
  • Havoc OS 4.16 UNOFFICIAL A11 | Download
    Bugs | Sound On Call – Fix
  • Spark OS Ignite [Unofficial] Android R (11) | Download
    Bugs mb FaceUnlock & voLTE. tr

Android 12L

  • RiceDroid 4.5 ~ Unofficial
    • Fingerprint On Cereus, use squetheGapps
  • riceDroid 5.0 ~ UNOFFICIAL | Download
    • Use 0.4 arm Alps Vendor, Based On A12L
    Use SqueakTheGapps


Android 10

Android 11

  • Spark OS Ignite [Unofficial] Android R (11) | Download
    ARM64 0.6, Bugs mb FaceUnlock & voLTE
  • PixelExperience Plus 11.0 (Unofficial) ARM64 | Download
    USE ARM64 0.6 vendor.
    Known Bugs: volume on call. Use PUBG fix. VoLTE DT2W, offline charging

Android 12

  • BlissRom 15.2 (Unofficial) ARM64 Android 12 (S)
    Bugs: FingerPrint Offline Charging


  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • fastboot oem reboot-recovery
  • backup nvram, nvdata, nvfcg
  • Wipe cache, dalvik, system, data, vendor, cust (6 partition)
  • Flash DDE_by_MegaFon929
  • Format data
  • reboot recovery
  • Flash custom ROM
  • Flash Gapps (bitgapps recommended)
  • Flash vendor alps 0.4 (select cereus/ cactus) ARM32/64
  • Flash boot.img
  • Wipe Data dan Cache
  • Reboot system Wait, if stuck force reboot

2 thoughts on “Redmi 6/Redmi 6A Nusantara OS Android 12 (Unified) Certus ALPS How To”

  1. Nihal Chowdhury

    How to know if my device is cereus, cactus or certus?
    How to know if my device is 32bit or 64 bit?
    My device is redmi 6 global but I’m running a 12.0.2 chinese rom can i use this custom rom or I have to go back to the stock rom?
    Sir please help🙏🙏

    1. redmi 6 = Cereus, 32/64 bit is refering to the custom ROM no stock ROM.
      You can use this ROM for u’r devices, just make sure folow al the steps

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