Rolex Instant UBL (Unofficial Unlock Bootloader for Redmi 4A) Tested!

Complete Tutorial how to bypass your Redmi 4A (rolex) lock bootloader, the unofficial way. tested And Work for all rolex version

Table of Contents

Things You should Know

  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Fix error message in xiaomi “Couldn’t unlock. Can’t Get Info, connect again”
  • Tested on work on all redmi 4A stock ROM version (android 6/7)
  • Permanent Unlock Bootloader (Not temporary)
  • You can root and use custom ROM for your phone

This tutorial will fix this error when doing unlock bootloader

  • Fix Error 20091
  • Solved Error Code “Couldn’t unlock. Can’t Get Info, connect again”
  • Progress Stop on 50% “Couldn’t verify Device”
  • Current account is not bound to this device
  • Error Code 10008: 参数错误、 请参考API文档
  • Error Code 86023 : hardwareId 异常
  • Error Code 86006 : 参数组合非法
  • Error Code 86012 曼备不存在

Video Tutorial

Files Needed

Set How To Bypass Unlock Bootloader

  • Install Qualcomm Driver
  • open case make tes point
  • open terminal in the folder
  • Run this command >> (change the port ‘8’ to your own port)
  • emmcdl -p 8 -f kepo.mbn -b devinfo ubl
  • emmcdl -p 8 -f kepo.mbn -b aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn
  • Go To fastboot mode and check you’r bootloader status

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