Redmi 9A | How To Unbrick New Method! 1 click tools!)

Easy Way to unbrick redmi 9A using one click tools!

Complete tutorial on how to unbrick your Xiaomi Redmi 9A (Dandelion) in 2022

Support Redmi 9A/Redmi 10A/10A Sport/9AT/9i/9A Sport

Tested and worked on all Redmi 9A Version, Baseband and IMEI safe, make sure dont thick the preloader. You can also use this tutorial For Other Xiaomi Devices

Table of Contents

Things You should Know

You can use this tutorial to solve problem such as :

  • soft brick (bootloop /stuck logo/ hang)
  • hard brick (Mati total / matot)
  • flash using wrong firmware
  • upgrade/downgrade
  • wifi not working
  • And other software problem

Video Tutorial

File Needed For This Tutorial


  • Install all the driver and extract the firmware
  • open SP Flash Tool and load the Download-Agent
  • Load the scatter from the firmware
  • Make sure uncheck the preloader!
  • open MTK GSM Sulteng > select brand > phone model > select DISABLE AUTH SLA
  • wait until show message Waiting For Device Connection
  • Press vol up and plugin USB cable
  • Hit Download button in SP Flash Tools
  • Wait until finish
  • Turn On Phone

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