Complete Collection Custom Kernel For Redmi 5A (riva)

To use this kernel make sure use custom ROM this kernel for Custom ROM, you shoud check post about flash custom ROM for redmi 5A. Tested on Havoc OS Android 10

3 type of kernel performance (OC, OV) , power saving (UC, UV) and balance.

For Gaming Performance > OC OV> HOT. Dont play in heat area. Social Media > UC UV> Baterai Saver > Cool!

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This you should know About Kernel

  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Make sure back your stock kernel! (boot.img) if there’s something, simply restore the backup
  • Usually Riva Only Custom ROM only up to Android 10, after that it become Rova unified (Riva & Rolex)
  • Dont ask me for the best kernel! Try your self
  • Dont use Riva kernel to Unified and Vice Versa
  • OC Means Over Clock, OV Means Over Voltage
  • UC Means Under Clock, UV Means Under Voltage
  • Clock = CPU, Voltage = GPU

List of Kernel for Riva (Custom ROM Only)


Greenforce [Linux 3.18.140] | Download

UV 200, OC = 1,844Ghz


hmp = cpu1.84 Ghz + gpu 650Mhz
uv v 1 sampe 2 = cpu 1.94Ghz + gpu 720Mhz
uv v3 = 1.7Ghz + gpu 720mhz


For Android 9/10 | Download
Overclocked Upto 1.65 GHz
Underclock To 533 MHz



OC Upto 1.65 & UC down to 200

Neon v1

Need to format data

Download Neon v1 Riva


UC = 533, OC=1497

Download Nichrome™-XR Kernel_riva-v1.2_Neutrino(O+P)




Element Kernel


Alisa Kernel


UC =960 , OC = 1401. GPIS = 5-10

List of Kernel for Riva (For MIUI & CusROM)

Thanks to All rivadev

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