Realme | Complete Unlock Bootloader (In-Depth Test 2023)

This tutorial can be applied on any Realme phone and also update for In-Depth Test 2023

New update for Realme UI 2, 3, 4 (Realme GT Master, C17, C25, etc) . Also all the previous indeep test for and colorOS

For some version of Realme UI that cannot be unlock, you must do rollback (downgrade), read the detail

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  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Void warranty (Depend on country)
  • You can’t get android update (OTA) On Stock ROM (not always)
  • Disable some of feature on phone, e.g Finger Print (rarely on some phone)


  • Backup you data! After unlocking the bootloader your DATA will be deleted.
  • All Realme UBL steps are the same, the only difference is the In-Depth Test APK
  • If you have allready locking the bootloader, you will not be able to update the latest ColorOS / Realme UI version via the Update Application.
  • You can have full access such as Install TWRP, Root using magisk, Custom ROM and more.

Video Tutorial

Requirements to Unlock Realme Bootloader

If you have complied with all the requirements and have downloaded the required materials, you can follow the steps below.

  • Have a PC / Laptop with Windows 7 and above.
  • Has a USB cable (recommended to use the original USB cable).
  • The battery on the device is at least 60%.
  • Install ADB & Fastboot Utilities

Instruction To Unlock Bootloader Realme Phone

  • Enable OEM Unlock on developer option , plug USB cable connect it computer
  • Install the In-Depth Test APK according to your Realme smartphone type.
  • Open the In-Depth Test APK and and hit the ‘Apply Now‘ button menu
  • Scroll down > tick the checklist the “I Have Read bla bla’ > click Submit application
  • Back > wait for approval (5 to 15 minutes) > open ‘Query verification status’
  • If said that ‘Application Approved’ > open “Start deep testing” it will automatically reboot to fastboot
  • Type the command >> fastboot flash unlock
  • The phone will ask for confirmation > navigate using the button volume up/ down
  • Select ‘Unlock The Bootloader’ > press power button for ok/confirmation
  • The phone will automatically reboot and format your phone

Complete Collection of Realme In Deep Test Apk

Realme 2/ Realme C1

Dont need in deep test apk

Realme 2 Pro

Dont need in deep test apk

Realme 3/3i

RealmeUI 1

Realme 3 Pro

RealmeUI 1

Realme 5/5i/5s Unified (trinket)

RUI1 | ColorOS

  • Realme 5 (RMX1911)
  • Realme 5i (RMX2030)
  • Realme 5s (RMX1925)

Realme 5 Pro

RealmeUI 1 | ColorOS

Realme 6/ 6i(Indian)/ Realme 6s/ Realme 7/ Narzo 20 Pro/ Narzo 30 4G

Realme devices using MT6785 (Helio G90T/G95) SoC and it covers

RealmeUI 1

  • Realme 7 (asia) >> RMX2151, RMX2163
  • Realme 7 Global >> RMX2155
  • Realme 6 >> RMX2001/RMX2003
  • Realme 6i >> RMX2040
  • Realme 6s >> RMX200
  • Narzo 20 pro >> RMX2161

Realme 6 Pro/ Realme 7 Pro/ Realme 8 Pro

Same devices! Dont ask again. If your on RUI3 you need to downgrade

RealmeUI 2 | RealmeUI 1

Realme 7i Global/ Narzo 30A/ Narzo 20

RealmeUI 2

  • Realme 7i Global = RMX
  • Narzo 30A
  • Narzo 20

Realme C3/Narzo 10A

RealmeUI 1

  • Realme C3 (RMX2020)
  • Narzo 10A (RMX2027)

Realme C11/C12/C15 (Mediatek)

RealmeUI 2 | RealmeUI 1

Realme C15 (snapdragon)

RealmeUI 2 | RealmeUI 1

Realme C17

RealmeUI 2 | RealmeUI 1

Realme C25

RealmeUI 3

Realme GT Neo 2 (Bitra)

RealmeUI 2 | RealmeUI 3 | RealmeUI 4

Realme GT Neo 3

RealmeUI 3

Realme GT Master (Luna)

RMX3360 11_A.09 only

Realme XT

RUI1 | ColorOS

Realme X2 Pro

RealmeUI 1

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