Magisk Lagging issue [solved]

The lmkd (low memory killer ) was somehow killing the forked init process and that was triggering lagging issue, making the forked init as unkillable solves the problem

Permanent Fix Method:
1. Download and paste the , in your internal sd card (not external sdcard).
2. Execute these commands:

mkdir -p /data/adb/service.d && cp /sdcard/ /data/adb/service.d/ && chmod +x /data/adb/service.d/

3. Reboot your phone for fix to start working

Old Method Temporary Fix: (Need to do after every reboot)

for i in $(pgrep -x init); do echo -1000 > /proc/$i/oom_score_adj && echo -17 > /proc/$i/oom_adj; done

Download Link:…

Refer here for more details:


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