How To Unbrick BLU vivo XL

Sudden Death, no charging, no led, no vibrate nothing use this Tutorial

Table of Contents

Notes For This Tutorial

  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • The video tutorial is using Corvus OS, if you use other custom ROM just replace the Custom ROM with other custom ROM using the same step(check the link bellow)
  • Take IMEI Backup !! Store backup on pc/sdcard (nvram, nvdata, nvcfcg for mediatek and EFS for snapdragon)


  • insert sdcard (4gb free space++)
  • Open TWRP
  • select wipe, format data, type in yes (this fixes the boot looping issue)
  • copy blue_vivo_xl to folder TWRP/BACKUP/BLUE_VIVO_XL, create folder if it isn’t exist
  • after that choose restore
  • reboot phone, in stuck in logo push power menu aprox 10second until it restart
  • done!

credit to xdadev_user11

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