Redmi 10 2021/ 2022 | How To Flash Custom ROM In Selene (Nusantara OS 12L)

Complete Tutorial To Flash Custom ROM on Redmi 10 2021/2022 Selene

This tutorial use Nusantara OS 12L. you can use this tutorial on other custom ROM. Make sure you’re using R Vendor (Android 11 MIUI 12.5.xx stock ROM).

Table of Contents


  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • I will try to keep update this page
  • Android 13 doesn’t need to flash boot.img/Custom Kernel again!
  • Tutorial How to Unlock Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi Phone >> Check Here
  • Take IMEI Backup !! Store backup on pc/sdcard (nvram,nvdata,persist,persistents,protect_f,protect_s for mediatek and EFS for snapdragon)
  • This custom ROM use firmware MIUI based Android 11 MIUI 12.5.xx stock ROM (flash the fastboot file im provided)
  • If you need the original boot.img, firmware (fastboot & zip) included files below

Video Tutorial To Custom Your Selene

File Needed To Custom Selene

Instruction To Custom Your Selene

  • Unlock Bootloader Your Phone
  • adb reboot bootloader
  • fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification vbmeta vbmeta.img
  • fastboot flash boot recovery.img
  • fastboot reboot recovery
  • Copy all the file needed to sdcard
  • backup IMEI & Baseband
  • Choose install -> flash (MUI Recovery) -> add zip -> -> check reflash TWRP/ OFOX, then swipe/ flash
  • Format data
  • Reboot to system


If your device still reboot back to recovery after all that step, especially some Samsung emmc varian and NFC varian. or another gacha, do this :

  • reboot to recovery, flash another Custom ROM boot.img to boot partition, and re flash TWRP/OFOX, reboot
  • if still not booting, try flash MIUI boot.img (Recomended), then re flash TWRP/OFOX, reboot
  • if booting succesfully, you need to reboot to recovery again to flash any custom kernel, because your wifi, bluetooth etc is DEAD

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