Howto repair redmi note 3 baseband unknown and IMEI null (works!)

Do this if and only if you believe your EFS is corrupted, or you somehow erased it. If you are not sure about it, then simply follow the next guide to change you IMEI number. In most cases people loose their IMEI only and not the whole partition. Again, it may or may not work, so do this on your risk, and i am not to blame if anything bad happens, but if you do succeed, then don’t forget to give me credit.


  • If your EFS is erased or corrupted, your IMEI and Baseband will be shown as unknown. In this case recover the EFS following this post, and then change the IMEI following the next post. If your IMEI is shown as 0, then you EFS is safe and most probably your IMEI is gone. In that case, no need to recover EFS, only change the IMEI number following my next post.
  • In TWRP, backup of kate wont show on kenzo and the backup up kenzo wont show on kate. In case no backup is shown even if you are using the right device, then try the dump flashing method or try changing the TWRP recovery.
  • Flashing this will only restore your EFS partition, but the IMEI will still be gone, so you will have to follow the next guide to change your IMEI.
  • Even after flashing a new EFS, you Mac and BT address will not recovery. The android system will assign a software generated address to both devices. Dont worry cause even without the EFS partition there will be a Mac and BT address assigned to your device and both the things will work normally.
  • If your Baseband is still unknown, even after flashing a new EFS, then try flashing latest radio file. It can be found in any firmware update package, either the official or the one from the strix.

1. Download the required files from the link given below.

2. Extract the Dump Backup files and flash them using the following commands.

fastboot flash modemst1 modemst1
fastboot flash modemst2 modemst2

For TWRP backups, put them in the backup folder and restore using TWRP recovery.

sdcard > TWRP > BACKUPS > [Device Serial No.] > [Paste The Backup Folder Here]

3. Now reboot and voila you have you a new EFS partition at your disposal.

  • lled for the latest drivers


credit to Archit9169


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