The Best Custom Kernel For Xiaomi Devices

This is complication of for xiaomi phone, make sure you read the detail

Overlock enhance you devices, will make your devices faster and better in gaming, but also will make hotter! Remember it

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What is Overclock (OC) ?

Overclock means your modified the Frequency of your CPU/GPU clock higher than the default clock on your default kernel on stock ROM. For example if your default clock CPU is 1.8Ghz and GPU is 5000Mhz, after its been OC it clock will become CPU is 2Ghz and GPU is 650Mhz

You Should Know Before flashing Custom Kernel

  • Phone bootloader must be unlock and have custom recovery (TWRP, orangeFox, PBRP, etc)
  • Make sure backup the original kernel (boot.img) if somehing goes wrong just restore it!
  • If you have make magisk before, uninstall it or flash the original boot.img
  • Make sure you flash Magisk after Flash Kernel .zip

Instruction How To Flash Custom Kernel

  • Go to any custom recovery
  • Back-up your present kernel
  • Flash kernel
  • Reboot to system

Redmi 4/4X (Santoni)

Rockstar v10 | By RockstarResurrected | Dowload Here


Upstreamed to latest sources
Rebased the whole kernel
Android 12 is recommended
Blocked some wakelocks for better battery backup
GPU OC to 600Mhz and UC to 160Mhz
CPU OC of Big cores to 1.47Ghz and little cores to 1.2Ghz
CPU boosting drivers for ensuring smoothness
Added DTS Eagle audio
Inbuilt boeffela wakelock blocker
Ability to enable and disable Fsync
Compiled with latest Proton Clang
Disabled CRC check by default
Use O3 optimisation
Improved RAM management, you will see much more free RAM

Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon (Kenzo & Kate)

By  @trax85 | Download : Emeriss


🔸 Built with GCC 9.2 toolchain
🔸Link time Optimisation enabled with full archives for smaller kernel size and better performance
🔸O2 Optimisation level
🔸A10 and above support added
🔸Headphone jack fix from AGNi
🔸Sound improvement
🔸HMP specific spectrum profiles
🔸add 710Mhz OC support for GPU
🔸Three custom UV Profiles added to all CPU & GPU clusters (aroma variant only)
🔸Display profiles tuned for Emeriss (aroma variant only)
🔸Ashmem get rid of big mutex locks
🔸Disable debug

📢 Notes

🔸 If any error or issue ask in group : @kernel_m1_kenzo
🔸AK3 is anykernel3 version which only installs kernel.
🔸Aroma is customisable installer allowing to set thermals, profiles and other stuff during installation.
🔸 Please read instructions in Aroma installer properly, any issues caused by improper setup will not be considered.
🔸 Backup obb files before flashing if you are on Android 10
🔸 Clear Cache/Dalvik after flashing
🔸 After rebooting don’t touch phone for atleast 5 minutes
🔸 Install Spectrum App(root) for switching between profiles

Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon (Mido)

Wolf R13 oc 3ghz mod + new tweak from ethereal kernel
Support : Dev™ MIDO Indonesian:
Work in on Adroid 8, 9, 10 treble


  • Re-tweak combine from ethereal kernel build 26 latest version
  • Stabilizer GPU rendered
  • Re-tweak combine from ethereal kernel build 26 latest version
  • Stabilizer GPU rendered
  • New value in governor
  • Fully support SAR ROM & non SAR
  • Support spectrum
  • FK support
  • Build is = stable version
  • Installed again original boot.IMG from your ROM
  • Then installed this kernel mod, and magisk 20.4+(recommended)

Redmi 5A (Riva)

📱 MIUI Kernel | 3.18.80 | Maintainer: @gmardiana | Android Version: 8.1.0 | Build Date: 2021-08-19

Only for MIUI oreo | Download Now | Channel


  • Upstreamed to 3.18.80
  • OC & UC CPU 1.65Ghz & 200Mhz
  • Increase charging current
  • Optimizing interactive governor

Redmi 5 Plus

Unitrix 3.7.1 | Kernel 4.9 | Updated: 30/11/2021 | By@GhostMaster69_dev

🔹 Download: OC | Non-OC
🔹Support group

OC means overclocked, which has a higher CPU and/or GPU clock whereas Non-OC doesn’t, so choose wisely

Redmi Note 5 Whyred

SaranRomKak Kernel v1 | Hyper OC | Android 9/10/11 By • @WhysDev | Build Date: 13.08.21

⬇️Download • Here

• Compiled GCC 10.3 with LLD gold
• Same CL from V20

• This Version Hyper OC Or 2.4ghz

Redmi Note 6 Pro

STRIX Kernel EAS v4.7 | Android 10/11 | Updated: 30/01/’22 By : @fiqri_ardyansyah

Changelog :
STRIX – EAS v4.7:
• Merge linux stable v4.4.301
• Merge CAF tag LA.UM.9.2.r1-03700-SDMxx0.0
• Update WiFi driver to LA.UM.7.2.r1-09600-sdm660.0
• BPF backport
• Micro optimization on /dev/zero
• Add support for Android 12
• Enable GCC graphite optimization
• Compile using our ELF GCC v11.2.0

STRIX – EAS Overclock :
• Same as v4.7

🔸 Download EAS : OldCam | NewCam
🔸 EAS OC : OldCam | NewCam

Redmi Note 7

LITHIUM KERNEL typeJ & typeJ+ – EAS | Android 11. Updated25/03/’21 By ryuKizuha


• typeJ for default and typeJ+ for oc 2,4Ghz
• my kernel is EAS and no need install eas perfhal module bcs was include in file kernel

• @irfannim and all member funproject

Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia)

Tercydux – QK – DeathFlower| Kernel | Developer: @ZyCromerZ | Build date: 29/10/2020

Download Link: HERE ! | Report bug on Group Support


* Upstream to 4.14.203
* decrease oc gpu for QuantumKiller-N from 850 to 806 (using stock freq)
* add to fix cts things (credit to @valap for this method xD)
* Enable glove and cover mode (credit to @PiotrBurdzinski for this commit )
* fix all 1ghz gpu kernels lag maybe
* add maybe 4 test kernel, kernel name:

📌 Additional Info:

* Info Kernel
* Support: AOSP Android 10

Redmi 9A & Redmi 9C (Garden)

By Chukzzzz | Download

  • Overclocked kernel for Redmi 9a (dandelion)
  • Cpu = 2.0ghz—->2.3ghz
  • Gpu = 650mhz—>835mhz
  • Works on custom roms that are on vendor q only
  • Will not boot on vendor r and any miui roms
  • And works on Alps kernel (alps with miui kernel will not boot)

Redmi 9 and Poco M2 (Lava)

Shas-dream kernel for gaming, Pizza_shas-dream for daily Driver. Check Detail Here

Redmi Note 9 Mediatek (Merlinx )

Kuro Kyaru – Kernel | Android 11/12. Released : 07/03/22′ By @kuroseinen

Download : MIUI | AOSP

Changelogs :
• Linux kernel 269
• Increase kernel time frequency to 350hz
• UV CPU -20mv for max clock & -15mv for other clock
• UV GPU -20mv
• OC GPU to 1150Mhz

• Disable CPU input boost with kernel manager if u facing battery drain (edit value to 0)
• U can change CPU mode with kernel manager (FKM, EX, Smartpack etc)

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