Magisk Fork

There are several oft-discussed Magisk forks that have similar features to canaries. Support for them is experimental.

Table of Contents

Custom Magisk by TheHitMan7

Always synced with official changes including Zygisk, Magisk Hide, Denylist, Hide the Magisk app, Magisk-Module-Repository features. It will spoof/alter/manipulate non-Magisk related signals or traces to circumvent device state detection. Although included features are officially removed from Magisk. I have added them back while keeping the latest changes including Zygisk – Magisk in Zygote.

Donwload Here

Magisk Delta

Support magic mount on /cust, /my_custom and /vendor_dlkm

To replace some files in /my_product, put you files to /data/adb/modules/<module_id>/system/my_product

Download here

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