How To Disable disable DRM using Magisk (Widevine)

Widevine is a DRM Module (security feature), whose main function is to open encrypted media (Video) to avoid video piracy.

That’s why when you download a video on Netflix you can only watch it in the app, it can’t be opened via the file manager & the video doesn’t appear in your gallery, right?

In order to get the maximum Netflix viewing experience on mobile, there are several things that must be considered besides internet speed, namely the certificate that is embedded, whether Widevine L1, L2, or L3.

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Android Screen Problems

One of the considerations for recent Gadget reviewers is the issue of maximum screen resolution quality when watching digital streaming services.

This is why many devices can’t watch Streaming with HD Quality even though they subscribe to the Premium Ultra HD package , the HP screen resolution is FullHD +, and the Internet is fast, why is it blurry?


This happens because many devices are not equipped with a Widevine L1 or L2 certificate but only Widevine L3 . What ‘s the Difference Widevine L1 L2 L3 ?.

To watch Netflix streaming up to UltraHD 4K maximum quality requires a Widevine L1 certificate. For maximum HD 720p quality, Widevine L2 certificate is required, while for Widevine L3 the maximum quality is SD 540p only.

Type of Widevine

  • Security Level: L1
    L1 support up to UltraHD 4K . (if the HP screen is 4K & the Internet is super fast).
  • Security Level: L2
    support up to HD 720p only. (even though your internet is fast, the maximum remains at 720p)
  • Security Level: L3
    L3 support up to SD 540p only. (even though your internet is fast, the maximum is still at 540p).

How to Check Type of Widevine Certificate for All Android HP Brands

  • Go to Play Store , install ” DRM Info ” app.
  • Open the Application > On Widevine CDM see the Security Level section . This is where your mobile Widevine Certificate information is.


Solution to disable DRM completely on Android you can use Magisk-drm-disabler, a magisk module. This is not a module that will help you bypass drm protection!

To use this module you have to root you android phone using magisk. You can install magisk-drm-disabler through Magisk Manager or flash it using custom recovery

You can download here

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