Custom Kernel for Redmi 9/Poco M2 Complete List

Use this kernel for Custom ROM, you shoul check post about Redmi 9 & Poco M2 Custom ROM Tutorial

Custom kernel for Redmi 9 (Lancelot)/Poco M2 (Shiva) = Lava

3 type of kernel performance (OC, OV) , power saving (UC, UV) and balance.

For Gaming Performance > OC OV> HOT. Dont play in heat area

Social Media > UC UV> Baterai Saver > Cool!

Make sure use the right Vendor before flashing kernel!

Table of Contents

This you should know About Kernel

  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Vendor Q = Android 10, R = Android 11, S = Android 12
  • OC Means Over Clock, OV Means Over Voltage
  • UC Means Under Clock, UV Means Under Voltage
  • Clock = CPU, Voltage = GPU

Vendor for Redmi 9/Poco M2

Shas-dream kernel

Recommended for Gaming!
True OC and OV kernel . You can call it as performance based kernel. First choice for gamers



Recommended for Social Media! Real UC and uv both cpu and gpu for battery save as possible )


Hermes kernel

Balance Kernel. Little oc but also has power saving feature . Best for daily use and little gaming

Download | Mirror

Kucing Kernel

Recommended for Social Media! Uc and uv .You can call it as battery saving kernel. Gamers stay away from it.)

Download | Mirror

Medusa kernel

Medusa kernel is for Q vendor only, DOESN’T SUPPORT R VENDOR!

Download Medusa-lancelot-Q-20210809-0749

  • Overclocked CPU 2.1, 2.3Ghz (lesser heat and performance increased)
  • Enabled MTK Performance configs
  • Default zen IO scheduler

Source MT6768 Gaming Kernel Discuss

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