COMPLETE List Collection Redmi Note 11 Custom ROM [UPDATE]

I’ve compile of Custom ROM For Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (Spesn/Spes). I’l try to update this page

Things You should Know

  • There no such thing as perfect ROM!
  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Backup EFS & Modem


Clean Flash

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Take a backup
  • Format Data
  • Flash ROM

Dirty Flash

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Take a backup
  • Wipe Cache
  • Flash ROM

If you need tutorial on how to use the custom ROM follow this tutorial ▶▶ Easy Way How To Flash Custom ROM For Redmi Note 11

Pixel Plus UI 4.8 OFFICIAL – Android 12.1

  • Maintainer: @imanniig
  • Android version: 12L
  • Build date: 27/08/2022
  • Download: Here

What works?

Wifi | RIL | Mobile data | GPS | Camera
Flashlight | Camcorder | Bluetooth | Fingerprint reader | Lights | Sound | vibration
Almost everything

What doesn’t work?

Nothing yet
You tell me! :p

KomodoOS V4.5 (Snowdrop) – Official

  • Maintainer: @dblenk9
  • Android version: 12L
  • Update: 6/9/2022
  • Download: Here

Device Changelog:
• Update blobs to MIUI V13.0.4.0.SGCMIXM
• Switch to common tree (SM6225/Bengal)
• Update prebuilt kernel from MIUI A12
• Increase brightness overlays
• Fix NFC
• Fix Vibration
• Improved SElinux denials
• Fix GPU Detected
• Many changes with the common tree

Source Changelog:Here

Known Issue:
• Camera on Discord,Meet Zoom apps
• MTP USB ( use from Dev Option )

• Clean flash recommended
• If found any bugs, tell me with logs

Credits & Thanks:
• VIP Bengal ID
@ItoRenz for everything
@Heyimbe for tester

Nusantara Project v4.0-1 – UNOFFICIAL

• Fix GPU old version detected
• Fix Playstore ( device isn’t compatible )
• Fix Slow Charging ( spesn tested )

Known Issue:
• Mic ( spes variant )

• This is Alpa build,so will found many issues
• If u get any facing issue tell me with specifics logs

CherishOS 3.9.5 – OFFICIAL

Device Changelog:
• Include Lawnchair
• Include GcamBSG (only GAPPS variant)
• Enable freeform windows
• Enable Smart Pixel

Source Changelog:Here

• Clean flash recommended (dirty flash works)
• Compatible with spes and spesn variant (all models)
• AOSP Recovery works (no need TWRP)

Credits & Thanks:

crDroid v8.8 – OFFICIAL

• Synced latest crDroid 8.8 source
• Updated blobs from SPESNGlobal V13.0.2.0-A12
• Updated prebuilt kernel from SPESNGlobal V13.0.2.0-A12
• Updated GApps
• Disabled process reclaim (for better multitasking)
• Removed intree audio/display/media HALs
• Allowed all CPUs usage on foreground
• Removed HD notification for VoLTE
• Selinux: Address denials
• Misc. Fixes and Improvements

Known bugs:
• Zoom videomeetings app green camera issue
• VoWiFi doesn’t work

• Clean flash recommended (dirty flash works)
• Compatible with spes and spesn variant
• SafetyNet pass (don’t ask please)

Raven Ui 4.5 | Android 12

  • Android Version: 12 Update : 14/8/2022 By: @rn11lover
  • Download: Here
  • Support Group: Here

• Based on last Raven UI 4.0
• Safetynet pass & Widewine L1 by default.
• Added High Quality Optimised Charging Method, Now fast charging only working on screen off.
• Added New Monet UI with 13+ Miui Apps Monet support.
• Added New Sound Codec & Also Added Hifi Sound Option.
• New Volumn panel UI & Aosp Lock screen Added.
• Added Extra Dim Brightness option like Aosp.

• Added Dolby , Dolby Only working wen you install this app.
• Fixed MTP fully (not detect in pc issue )
• Fixed DT2S Fully.
• Added YT Vanced & Vanced Manager By Default from source.

Special thanks to Kakashi & Retardpro.

Project Blaze v1.4 – OFFICIAL | Android 12L

•Added voLTE support for Bakcell
•Fixed fp wake-up animation
•Updated blobs and kernel from SPESNGlobal V13.0.2.0-A12
•Added always on display support

Source Changelog:
•Block annoying statusbar call strength icon
•Added status bar Ticker
•Increased max blur radius to 75
•Implemented hardware buttons customisations
•Show double line clock for small clock
•Added lockscreen weather customisation
•Added flashlight blink on incoming calls
•Added cutout force full screen for apps
•Reduced QS tiles to 4 on collapsed for lag reduction
•Added data switch qs tile

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