How To Fix Error 7 in TWRP And Other Custom Recovery

So you want install custom ROM on you android phone and you got error 7 assert verify_trustzone . I will show how to fix it and why it causing it

Table of Contents

The Cause of Error 7

Before continue make sure its the right firmware! This tutorial will assume that the error message you have is because another cause

  • Your Files is Corrupt
  • Your ROM doesn’t fit the phone type

How To Fix Error 7 using with PC and also without PC

All the step are the same for using PC or without PC (android), the difference is just the file archiver and file editor

  • Open Custom ROM file using file archiver such 7zip (PC) or Zarchiver (Android)
  • Go to the folder META-INF
  • navigate into google\android\
  • In There you’l find a file with name updater-script
  • open it using text editor such as Notepad++ (PC) or quick edit (android)
  • Remove one line that contain word verify_trustzone, example : assert(riva.verify_trustzone("TZ.BF.4.0.5-157266") == "1");
  • save it, and now the it will start updating the zip file
  • Done, now you can flash into your phone

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