Howto patch android 11 using smali patcher and pass safetynet

I’m passing safety net just fine by the way. There’s a guide on telegram. Also had to use a magisk module to change props config to any different phone to use basic safetynet attestation instead of hardware. (i change my pixel 5g to a pixel 5).

“1- first turn off internet don’t turn on internet or wifi

2-install edxposed manager preview build apk

3-open edxposed in settings enable skip status check

4-now force stop or close edxposed

5-enable edxposed manager in edxposed module

6-now in edxposed setting turn on application mode and enable pass safetynet option

7-now restart edxposed manager

8-in applications add play store also in blacklist as google play service and google service framework already added when we checked pass safetynet option

9-Now install riru core

10-download edxposed canary build v0.4.6.4 (4563)

flash canary through magisk manager

11-Now reboot and turn on internet

Now check safety net in magisk if safety net is passed and in safety net app if it fails then clear safety net app data and check again


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