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Magisk Fix Bootloop magisk disable module with or without TWRP

There 2 method fix magisk bootlop because of modules

If you have TWRP

  1. Reboot to TWRP
  2. mount system and uncheck readonly
  3. Once in TWRP, select Advanced > File Manager.
  4. Navigate to /data/adb/modules.
  5. You can see folders for all the modules you have installed.
  6. Tap on the folder for the module that you last installed, which is probably the cause of the bootloop.

If you dont have TWRP

  1. This condition if you allready connected adb to computer
  2. while your phone bootloop  run this command
  3. adb wait-for-device shell magisk –remove-modules
  4. after that phone will reboot you can boot into android

Video How To

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