Installing Redmi 6 and 6A firmware via SP Flash Tool

Tested on Redmi 6 and 6A


1) Availability of a PC

2) Flash drives for at least 2Gb

3) Internet

Creating a bootable USB flash drive

1) Download Rufus

2) Downlod ISO

3) Use Rufus to write the image to a USB flash drive

Preparing a folder for work

1) Create a folder C:\Files

2) Put these files in C:\Files

3) Unzip the fastboot rom and move the images folder from it to the folder C:\Files

4) As a result, you should get a folder, as in the screenshot


Booting from a USB flash drive

1) Connect the flash drive to the PC

2) Booting from a USB flash drive via BIOS/UEFI

3) Select the second item > Enter

Preparation and installation

1) Select the disk in which the Files folder is located

2) Opening it commands.html

3) Example of entering commands

4) In the folder, right-click and click on Open Terminal Here

5) And we execute each command

6) When you enter the first command after a while, you will be asked to choose Y or N. Press Y and Enter

7) After entering the command ./ -c mt6765_config.json -p mt6765_payload.bin connect a switched-off smartphone with the Vol+ button pressed to the PC

8) After entering the command ./ starts SP Flash Tool

9) Click Options > Options > Connection and make the settings as in the screenshot


10) After selecting the Scatter file from the image folder in the line Scatter-loading File and click Download

11) The firmware installing process has started. After the green check mark appears, you can disable and start the smartphone


source 4PDA

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