How to unpack, modify, pack and image file in Linux

a) Modifying

  • With simg2img system.img.ext4 system.img, you will get a raw image file named system.img
  • With mkdir system, create directory to mount system.img
  • With sudo mount -o loop -r system.img system/ you will get all files of system.img in system folder
  • With ls -l system/init.rc note permissions: 750
  • With sudo chmod 777 system/init.rc give write permissions
  • With sudo echo "#MODIFICATION " >> system/init.rc done some modification in init.rc
  • With sudo chmod 750 init.rc reset init.rc to the noted permissions

b) Calculate system sector size

  • With tune2fs -l system.img | grep "Block size\|Block count" you will get block size and count
  • With echo $((1553064 * 4096)) multiply both results. I got 6361350144

c) Packing

  • With sudo make_ext4fs -s -l 6361350144 -a system system_new.img sys/ you will get system_new.img “Android Sparse Image” that has all changes
  • With sudo umount system unmount the system directory
  • With rm -fr system delete the system directory

d) Tar Compression

  • With rm system.img.ext4 remove original system.img.ext4, Don’t worry you should have a backup of it in lz4 file
  • With mv system_new.img system.img.ext4 rename system_new.img to system.img.ext4 for flashing with Odin3 v3.13
  • With tar -cvf AP.tar system.img.ext4 you will get AP.tar that you can flash with Odin3 v3.13


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