Galaxy A70 unlock your bootloader twrp root


Unlock Bootloader

  • enabling developer settings first, enable oem unlocking
  • shut down your phone
  • hold volume up and down at the same time and while holding them plugin your charger.
  • Your phone now should show a green screen with instructions to unlock the bootloader.
  • Just follow them and after the unlocking your data should get wiped. After that your device will boot up and land in setup screen.
  • Do not setup anything, just skip as much as possible, because your phone will get wiped again.
  • Enable developer settings and make sure oem unlocking is greyed out and enabled. (If it does not show up, connect to a network first!)


  • Download twrp
  • Push the recovery.img file you just download for TWRP to your phone
  • Open Magisk Manager and hit install and patch a file.
  • Select recovery.img and Magisk should start the patching process.
  • Once Magisk is done, boot into TWRP.
  • Backup your boot partition first and afterwards go into install and then hit install image on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select /sdcard/Download/magisk_patched.img and install it to boot.
  • Now reboot and Magisk should work.
  • If you run into issues after this, go into TWRP and restore the boot partition you backed up previously.

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