Deodexing Services.jar For Android 8.1

1. Download “Batch ApkTool 3.7.0” by BurSoft from the official site or 4pad link. (Thanksto burSoft for this amazing tool).
BatchApkTool370.7z ( for 64-bit Windows ).
BatchApkTool370_32bit_and_XP.7z ( for 32-bit Windows and Windows XP ).

2. Download the plugin named vdex2dex which will be used with Batch ApkTool ( )
(alternative 4pda link ).

3. Extract Batch ApkTool to any where on your PC then extract and move vdex2dex plugin folder to
( X:\BatchApkTool\bin\plugins\ ).

4. Go to ( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\ ) and create 4 empty folders named “framework”, “arm64”, “oat” and another “arm64” arranged as follows:
( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework ).
( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework\arm64 ).
( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework\oat\arm64 ).

5. Copy the following 3 files from your phone to the PC:
“services.jar” from ( /system/framework/ ) to ( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework ).
“boot.oat” from ( /system/framework/arm64 ) to ( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework\arm64 ).
“services.vdex” from ( /system/framework/oat/arm64 ) to ( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework\oat\arm64 ).

6. Run Batch ApkTool and select your language then hit the no. “7” plugins.

7. Hit the no. next to vdex2dex then will tell you to press any key to continue and after a few seconds will see “Done”, now press any key to return to the main menu and exit.

8. Now you have a deodexd services.jar created in ( X:\BatchApkTool\_system\framework\ ) move or copy it to the smali patcher tool folder and generate the magisk module zip.

9. Done.


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