Zenfone 2 laser MM : twrp ubl boot image twrp custom

Tested on Zenfone 2 laser ZE500KG Z00RD  Lolipop and Marsmallow


Custom ROM


Recovery Mode

Volume Down + Tombol Power


  • Just boot this file : mod_boot.img
  • fastboot boot mod_boot.img
  • Install twrp using flasify
  • Remove supersu from apps
  • flash magisk from twrp

Unlock Bootloader (MM)

  • go to bootloader
  • fastboot boot recovery twrp.img
  • install ubu_v01 (1).zip

Fix boot image

If you faced : error can’t load invalid boot image

  • go to bootloader
  • fastboot flash boot boot_13.10.6.16_patch.img

TWRP Permanent Custom Recovery

  • go to bootloader
  • fastboot flash recovery twrp.img



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