M4 Aqua: Unlock bootloader twrp custom kernel root

Tested on M4 Aqua E2353 Indonesia Marsmallow

Recovery Mode

  • Simultaneously press the Power button and Volume down until your device vibrates.
  • Quickly release the Power button, but keep pressing Volume down.
  • When you see the TWRP screen, release Volume down. You have now successfully entered recovery mode.

Unlock Bootloader

  • First check if your phone allows unlocking by dialing *#*#7378423#*#*
  • when Service Menu opens, go to Service Info, then Configuration; scroll down to read Rooting Status.
  • If “Bootloader unlocked” says yes, skip to the next section
  • If it says no (unlocked allowed), great, proceed on to next step : Unlock xperia boot loader using fastboot
  • If it says no (unlocked disallowed) or something like that, I’m sorry, unlocking won’t work on your phone. Lodge a complaint with your mobile provider for locking it.


Stock ROM

E2353_26.3.A.1.33_R2C_PT. SCM_ ID.ftf MM Indonesia

Custom Kernel

Flash SkyMelon, if you want to use magisk





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