Lenovo A7700 : unlock bootloader twrp root xposed

Tested on lenovo all row

turn on Usb debugging and oem unlock option in developers option.If you not dont know how to enable develpoer option just go to settings-about phone-click on build number 7-10 times and you will see a new option right above about phone.

Unlock the bootloader

  1.  go to fastboot mode using command “adb reboot bootloader”
  2.  now command “fastboot devices”
  3.  command “fastboot oem unlock
  4. screen appears for unlocking bootloader just press volume up button to start the bootloader unlocking process and wait for Finish.
  5. now command “fastboot -w” and wait for process to finish.
  6. unplug the cable and restart your phone 9 (vol up + power)
  7. your phone will go through a factory reset so dont panic..
  8. when your device turn on go to developer option again and turn on Usb debugging and oem unlock in developer option again..

Recovery Mode

  •  press and hold the Volume Up + Power key for about 5 seconds
  • Select recovery using volume menu

Install TWRP

  1. Boot your phone into bootloader;
    command “adb reboot bootloader
  2. Make sure your device is detected by fastboot, to check that
    command “fastboot devices” and it will show your conneted device and when it does..
  3. command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and flashing recovery will be done…
  4. fastboot boot recovery.img
    Now unplug your device and go to recovery menu (power + volume up) select recovery mode and you will boot into TWRP recovery

Stock ROM



  • Download agent : MTK_AllinOne_da.Bin
  • Untick Preloader
  • pull off baterai
  • Hold vol down & plug usb cable


You can use latest magisk


You can use latest native xposed

Custom ROM


  • If you got bootlop becasue uinstall magisk, reinstall it again!
  • If you fail to fix CTS Profile Safety net, flash twrp 3.1.1 and install fix safety net again

Credit FIRMAN MAULANAwarll0ck,  and _kabiira__)


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