Qualcomm : Backup & Restore QCN (IMEI & Baseband)

Tested on Redmi Note 4/4X w/o Root
If you got “The ESN of the phone does not match the ESN of this file containing RF calibration data

solution :

  • remove sim CARD
  •  checked “Allow phone/file esn mismatch” option

qpst download

Steps :

1. First of all install official qualcom drivers and QPST on windows.

Install root (magisk/supersu) you can’t use default internal root like in CM
Qualcomm drivers setup
QPST Setup.

2. Enable  diag port

Dial *#*#717717#*#* on your phone or

adb shell
setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb

3. Connect your phone to PC in charging mode. It will automatically install drivers and  A qualcom diag port will be shown in your device manager.

4. Goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin and open Download.exe

5. Now goto Backup tab. There will be your diag port.

6. Browse to a location where you want to save qcn and give it a name.

7. Click start button and wait until  process complete.

To restore qcn file on your phone, follow the same procedure.. just this time select Restore tab in QPST download and browse for your qcn file.

! Changing IMEI is illegal. Use it to write your original IMEI only. I am not responsible for anything. !

Here is my mido qcn file with both imei 864230000000000. I didnt make it all zeros because if u want to edit with hexeditor so that you can easily find location where to change imei. Just restore it on your Redmi note 4/4x.After that use Qualcom imei tool to write your original imei to your phone. You can also repair wifi,bluetooth,SN with this tool.


1. Restore the qcn file on your phone and reboot.Check if above imei comes.
2. Now connect your phone in charging mode. A qualcom port will be shown in device manager under ports.
3. Open Qualcom imei tool. Tick imei1 and imei2 and write your original imei.
4. Click start.

credit Amiekz

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