OPPO R7S : ubrick from death (matot)

Tested on R72sf, This is for the International Oppo R7S, Snapdragon models only! Do not flash on Mediatek R7Sm models!


ColorOS A.05 will allow for use of the OppoTools.
Which can be used to gain root access.

– Extract the downloaded rom and run the Msm8x39DownloadTool.exe file (If you have errors, install .NET Framework 4.0)

– Select the Model number corresponding to filegpt_main0_partition_msm_xxxxx.xml.bin (file in rom folder, xxxxx is Phone model number). Finished OK (Depending on the ROM that this step or not)


– Select Verify (as shown below) and wait a while for the tool to check it


– When the tool says OK as shown below.

– Highlight as below and select Start


– Turn off your phone (remove battery if possible), hold down (Volume +) and connect to computer. At this point on the tool has a green line, keep the button (Volume +) for blue lines run 4 to 5 times and let go (Volume +)


– Wait until there is a blue USB key to complete the unbrick:


– When finished run then wait for 10s then unplug the cable and hold the power button 15-30s when the machine is vibrating.



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