Running Hacking tools on android is fun, right? Yes it is, because you don’t need those heavy laptops to carry them everywhere. All you need is your android mobile phone and stick a USB Wi-Fi adapter to it and you are ready to go. So let’s start this fun.Open your android mobile phone.

  • Tap on Play Store and search GNURoot Debian then click on install.
  • It will need around 60 MB of data to download it. So make sure you have enough data with you. Once application installed then tap on open.
  • After that it will take around 2 minutes to load all the stuff. Then you need to update the repositories from the command given below:
apt-get update
  • Once update finished, then type another magical command to install the wifite and that is given below:
apt-get install wifite
  • Now press y to accept the install. Now it will take around 5 minutes to complete the installation. After that you can plug your Monitor mode enabled USB Wi-Fi adapter to use it with wifite tool.
  • You can start wifite tool using the command given below.

Note: You don’t need the root permission to install the wifite tool in your android device. You also need a good android mobile phone like nexus or one plus 3T which can power up a USB Wi-Fi adapter using their micro USB Port.


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