How to Create msimage.mbn File Flashable

How to Create msimage.mbn File Flashable Via QFIL, MiFlash, Other Qualcomm Tools

How to Create msimage.mbn Flashable Via QFIL, MiFlash, Other Qualcomm Tools MSIMAGE.mbn which is usually in the formats 8660_msimage.mbn, 8210_msimage.mbn, 8974_msimage.mbn etcetera are Qualcomm image files required by some Qualcomm flash and unbrick tools such QFIL, MiFlash, Tool Studio, GNQC, HW-OneKey amongst others.

Each of these Qualcomm flash and unbrick tools uses this msimage.mbn file to identify and map correctly, the specific Qualcomm device whose firmware is to be loaded or flashed.

This msimage.mbn file is created from the stock firmware file partitions of a particular Qualcomm device and named accroding to the Qualcomm device SoC. E.g an LG D325 that is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8210chipset will have 8210_msimage.mbn as its boot image/msimage file name.

Now, since most Qualcomm devices stock firmware are not distributed with these XXXX_msimage.mbn file in the, how can you create one specific for your Qualcomm device? This is the focus of these tutorial. Here, I discuss how to build XXXX_msimage specific your Qualcomm android device.

How to Build, Create or Make XXXX_msimage (e.g 8660_msimage) for Qualcomm Device

1. Download and install QPST 2.7.366 or higher version on your PC. You can download All QPST Versions from here.
2. Make a new empty folder on your PC then, copy and paste sbl1/sbl2/sbl3/rpm/tz images to the newly created folder.
3. copy the emmcswdownload.exe which can be loacted in:

C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin

to this newly created folder.
4. Prepare partition_boot.xml using NotePAD++. In the partition_boot.xml file, contain this info:

DO NOT ALTER THIS CODE AT ALL! -Mega Download Link -Mediafire Link

!For one reason or another, the XML could not be displayed on the major browsers, so, I created one, uploaded it and those are the download links above.

5. Save the partition_boot.xml file you just created then, copy and paste it into the same folder you created in the step 2 above.
6. Now, Run the emmcswdownload.exe in terminal/Command Prompt using the command below:

emmcswdownload.exe -f 8660_msimage.mbn -x partition_boot.xml -s 1G -g 4M

7. On successfull run, the XXXX_msimage.mbn will be generated in the folder. You may then move the file to the appropriate folder where it is needed.


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