OPPO R7sf : root, twrp, custom ROM

Download specific ColorOS Rom Version here:

Reboot your Oppo R7Sf into stock recovery.

1. Turn off your devices
2. Please wait few a seconds until the device is completely turned off!
3. Press and hold the “power key” and “volume down key” simultaneously for a few seconds until a Recovery
Mode showing in screen.
6. Process to flash the downloaded ColorOS Rom.
7. The Next step is very important!
After flashing!
Boot into ColorOS.
As soon as you are finished booting.
Turn on “airplane mode”. We want to prevent ColorOS from auto-updating via OTA.
Because it will break OppoTools from rooting!
8. Connect your phone to your pc and copy OppoTools 1.6.5 to your sdcard!
9. Go into Safety and Privacy settings and enable Installation from “unknown source”.
Use any good file explorer (such as ES File Explorer, Total Commander) to install OppoTools from your
Internal SDCard.


1. Go to the Common tab and select ROOT.
2. An application install prompt will appear for “OppoToolsPlugin”, Install it.
3. Once complete, re-open OPPO Tools and select ROOT once again.
4. One Key Root will open, Select the One Key Root button to start the ROOT process.
5. Your device will restart multiple times, just be patient.
6. If the installation was successful, you will notice SuperSU has been installed.
Rooted Oppo R7Sf
10. Download Stericson Busybox installer and install it.
11. Once installed start it and click the button “Install” to install Stericson’s busybox.
12. Next Download and Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot
13. Then Download and Install Universal ADB Drivers here:
14. Connect your phone your PC and start „ADB Driver Installer“.
It will detect your phone and tell you if you have the proper drivers installed or not
If not click the button that says Install drivers.
If you have Windows 7/8/10 you will need to disable driver signature.
Read here how to: http://adbdriver.com/documentation/
15. After the drivers have been installed and working. Connect your phone to your PC.
16. Enable „USB debugging“ and „OEM Unlocking“ in the „Developer Options“ (General>More>Developer
Options). To enabel hidden developer options hit 10 times the „Build Number“ in „About Phone“
17. On the phone click the box to allow your PC to communicate with your Phone using USB Debugging

Unlocking the Bootloader

As the ColorOS has no working fastboot commands we need to replace aboot of ColorOS with the aboot ofProject Spectrum.

  • First connect your Phone to your PC and create a Folder on your Internal SDCard named „Oppo“.
  • If you created the folder on your external SDCard you will have to change the upcoming paths accordingly.
  • This guide is written without having a external SDCard.
  • Then download the latest aboot from project spectrum
  • Place this file into the „Oppo“ folder you just created.
  • Start „Minimal ADB and Fastboot“ while you are still connected to your Phone
  • Now enter the following commands :
    adb shell [Hit Enter]
    su [Hit Enter]
    dd if=/storage/emulated/0/Oppo/emmc_appsboot.mbn of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/aboot [Enter]
  • Now that we have replaced the bootloader we can boot into fastboot.
    exit [Hit Enter]
    exit [Hit Enter]
    adb reboot fastboot [Hit Enter]
  • While still in „Minimal ADB and Fastboot“ enter the following commands:
  • Do Not Panic!
    Your phone has just rebooted into „fastboot“ and your phone shows the Oppo Logo as if it were stuck.
  • We need to unlock the bootloader, flash the TWRP recovery and most important revert back to the old aboot.
  • Do not worry. I have made a backup for you and placed it on my GDrive for this guide
  • To confirm that your device is in fastboot you can enter the command „fastboot devices“
    It will return your devices serialnumber.
  • To unlock the bootloader enter the following commands:
    fastboot oem unlock [Hit Enter]
  • It will finish almost instantly. As we have no working variables output in Oppos fastboot.
    You can check if its unlocked by entering the command fastboot oem unlock again.

     It should return: FAILED ,remote: Already Unlocked
  • Now download twrp-3.1.1-0-r7sf-eng-final.img
    It has been updated to Support flash files and updating to Android Nougat!
  • Place „twrp-3.1.1-0-r7sf-eng-final.img“ into THAT folder
  • Go back to the Fastboot Terminal Window and enter the following command:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.1-0-r7sf-eng-final.img [Hit Enter]
  • We now have written TWRP as our recovery!
  • Now download the backed up aboot here:
  • Place “emmc_appsboot_revert.mbn” into the SAME folder as you placed TWRP!
  • Go back to the Fastboot Terminal Window and enter the following command:
    fastboot flash aboot emmc_appsboot_revert.mbn[Hit Enter]

    we now have reverted back our aboot.

  • Why?
  • Because if you don’t revert to ColorOS aboot. You will NOT be able to boot the Rom and it will be stuck at the Oppo Logo!
  • Now Turn off your phone and On again to boot into ColorOS.
  • You can also boot into TWRP and backup your data!
  • I highly recommend to back-up your IMEI DATA (EFS) at least once and copy this backup to your computer!

custom ROM

Credit goes to celoxocis,

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