Xperia SP : red light wont turn on

Xperia SP comes with a non removable battery.So turning off in this condition is not possible by removing battery.The volume up+power button doesnt work in Xperia SP unlike other phones.The solution is given below.

Remove the back cover of Xperia SP and look for a small yellow dot on mid bottom with “OFF” written below it. Check the image below.

Now “Press & Hold Down the OFF Button, using a tip of pen or any other pointed object for around 10 seconds”. Phones vibrates and will be switched off automatically. Check image below.

P.S. Don’t use very sharp objects as it may damage the OFF Button.

Now phone restarts.

After restarting we found that our Xperia SP got back to normal temperature and everything was fine. :smileyhappy: We were able to charge our Xperia SP again, device was cool.


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