Tutorial : Huawei Unlock Bootloader all version

Unlock your bootloader REQUIRED – register to get your unlock

Recovery Mode (TWRP)

  • Power off your phone
  • then press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds until the phone vibrates.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds
  • and your phone will show a black screen for 10 seconds and then enter Recovery mode.

Recovery Mode (Stock)

  • Press vol down + power
  • wait into fastboot
  • Press vol up until it goes to recovery stock

It will format your data!

password https://emui.huawei.com/en/plugin/unlock/detail

  • Product Model : example > SCL-L21 / ALE-L21
    Phone users: Go to Settings > About phone > Model number.
  • Product Serial Number : 16 character, words & letter
    Go to Settings > About phone > Status > Serial number.
  • Product IMEI/MEID : 15 character letter only
    enter the IMEI or IMEI 1. If not accepted, try the IMEI 2. *#06#
  • Product ID = 8 character letter only
    Bring up the dialpad and enter the *#*#1357946#*#*  An 8-digit ID will then be displayed.
  • Verification Code
    It’s a captcha code, just type the word & letter
  • put ur phone into fastboot : adb reboot bootloader
  • unlock it : fastboot oem unlock 123456789123456789


  • type “fastboot flash recovery recoveryimage.img
  • turn off phone, press vol up + down + power
  • presso volume up +power for some seconds and select recovery mode, allow twrp to write system(to prevent stock rom to re-flash stock recovery)

from here

How to check Serial Number, Product Model and Product ID in Huawei by IMEI only

1. Go to Check Serial Number and Product ID on Huawei Phones
2. Enter the Huawei phone’s IMEI number
3. After 2 seconds, you will receive a complete phone warranty information and a Serial Number, Product Model and Product ID.

To get a bootloader password on Huawei phones you need to

1. Go to EMUI Huawei
2. Enter the required data, IMEI number, serial number, product model and Product ID.
3. Enter the code from the picture to confirm that you are human
4. Press the Commit button
5. The bootloader password will be displayed

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