Using Android Image Kitchen

how to cook a “Boot.img” to make it functional for our TWRP 3.0 be to flashed in our Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon.


1. Download the Android Image Kitchen Tool then extract.
2. Download kenzo_images_6.3.17_20160129.0000.14_5.1_cn and extract, locate the raw boot.img from the related extracted ROM folder and move it to the Android Image Kitchen folder, as shown below:-


3. Right click & hold, on the “Boot.img” file and move & place it onto unpackimg.bat file and proceed with the on-screen message to “Run”, as shown below:-

4. Next goto ramdisk directory and locate fstab.qcom file, as shown below:-

5. Use any text editor to open fstab.qcom file, then use the Find function to find any value containing “Verify” and delete with care, and save it accordingly, as shown below:-

  1. ,verify

Copy the Code

6. Now we need to repack the modded boot.img file, double-click to execute “repackimg.bat” hence it will generate a new boot file as “image-new.img” as shown below:-

7. Now you are done with a Modded boot.img image with the modification required to complete your task of TWRP flashing.



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