Zenfone ZE500KG : flash/unbrick/bootlop

This is for unbrick Zenfone 2 laser ZE500KG Z00RD

Download raw firmware Z00RD ZE500KG

FYI ZE500KG is using qualcom snapdragon cpu not intel, and it doesn’t have 4G yet

Noted Version

Tried to flash it using asus flash tool, if you encounter errror “run flash image script failure” try this one :

  • Open raw firmware using 7-zip and exract it to a folder.
  • run flashall_erase_data_storage.bat
  • wait for 15 minutes until it loading up (quite a while)
  • It will start to flashing wait another 1/2 hour
  • Wait until finish
  • after that phone will reboot
  • Download RootZE500KG.zip, extract it and you’ll get mod_boot.img
  • power off phone, go to fastboot menu again press vol up + power
  • run fastboot boot mod_boot.img, IMPORTANT: DON’T FLASH IT OR YOU WILL GET BOOTLOOP!!!
  • Finish!




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