REDMI 4A : TWRP Without UBL (or SMS) 2017

Tested 100% WORK !

Needed  File

  • Use Latest China Developer Version Firmawe (v.7.5.19) or equivalent, dont use global version V.8.x.x.xx
  • miflash
  • miphone
  • adb fastboot dan adb driver


  • extract twrp and fastboot file
  • copy and replace recovery.img from twrp file to fastbootflder
  • turn off phone and go to fastboot mode
  • open miflash, select flash all
  • wait until phone detected in miflash
  • after that click flash, until phone reboot. takes times about 20 minutes.
  • After reboot, turn of phone and go to fastboot mode again.
  • Go to the twrp folder, select flash.bat, wait until hpne reboot into twrp
  • you’r done!



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