Redmi Note 3 Kenzo : Install CM13 and gapss

This tutorial works on Redmi Note 3 Kenzo  (snapdragon), to install CyanogenMod 13.0 and Google Apps (gapps).
NOTE: After you flashed CyanogenMod 13.0 your Bootloader will be locked.
If your devices always restart when removing apps, try to downgrade to MIUI 7 after that you can install custom ROM
Download File :
Flashing CyanogenMod 13.0:
1. Goto Updater app > Option (3-dots on the top left-hand corner) > Reboot to Recovery mode, once more to flash CM13.

2. Next, in TWRP Recovery (alka) Menu, select Wipe, choose Advanced Wipe, tick the following:

  • Dalvik/ART Cache
  • System
  • Cache
  • Data
Then, Swipe to Wipe. You should see Wipe Complete screen and press Back until the main menu.
3. Now, in TWRP Menu, tap Install and select by tapping on:

and Add more Zips, select by tapping on:


And, Swipe to confirm Flash. As you can see the progress in the log, it will flash the CM 13.0 ROM and followed by Open GAPPS.


4. Then, Reboot System. That’s it.

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