How to Download a Flash swf Game

Are you really into a Flash game but don’t want to connect to the Internet every time you play? You’re in luck–you can download almost any Flash game to your PC or Mac to play offline. All you’ll need is a web browser, a favorite game and a few moments of your time.


Using File2HD from Any Web Browser

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    Open the website that points to your favorite Flash game. In your web browser, visit the website that contains a link to the game you want to download. Don’t start the game.
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    Copy the site’s URL. Copy the site URL from the address bar of your web browser.
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    Point your web browser to File2HD will simply return a list of all of the full paths to files linked on any web page. You won’t need to download or install anything.
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    Paste the previously copied URL into File2HD. Paste the URL of the site that points to your game into the box and click “Get Files.”
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    Search for your game’s .swf file. Flash games end with the file extension “.swf,” and these files can be opened in any browser that supports Flash. [1] Once File2HD has returned a list of URLs in your browser window, press Ctrl+F to open the search bar (or Cmd+F on a Mac). Type .swf into the search box and press Enter.
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    Save the link to your game. Your search should have brought up one or two .swf files that include the name of your Flash game. Right-click on one of the links (or Control+click on a Mac) and select “Save link as.” Remember where you save this file.
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    Open your Flash game. Navigate to the .swf file that you saved and open by double-clicking. The game will launch in your web browser, but because you’re running it right from your computer, you won’t need to connect to the internet.



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