How to Turn on a Phone With a Dead Battery

Cell phones, like many portable electronic devices, utilize a rechargeable battery that allows you to use the phone without always being connected to a wall outlet. However, over time cell phone batteries can lose their charging abilities or run out of power more quickly, due to damage, usage or age. But, it may be possible to recharge a dead battery or use a phone with a dead battery.


  • Charger that works with the particular cell phone


Plug in a charging jack to a wall outlet or surge protector. Connect to the charger port on the phone.


Look for a battery-charging status light. When it turns on or blinks, the battery is charging. If there is no light, press the phone power button until the screen comes on and look for a battery icon that is blinking or says “charging.” Allow the battery to charge for a few minutes before using the phone. If none of these things are present, proceed to Step 3, as the battery may be completely dead.


Unplug the charger and remove the back cover of the phone. Pull out the battery and set it aside.


Reconnect the charger, wait a few seconds and then press the power button on the phone. Wait for the phone screen to come on. At this point many phones will function off of the charger AC power (from the wall outlet). Use the phone with the charger connected to the AC power.


  • Buy a spare battery or borrow one from a friend in the event your cell phone battery dies or no longer functions.
  • Use cell phones on battery power to keep the battery components working. Charge the phone when needed without allowing the battery to fully drain.
  • If you use the phone without the battery use care not to yank the charger cable out of the wall outlet. Keep liquids away from the phone and charger cable as well.


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