How to run android apk online using browser

Android emulators are the simple applications that gives real android experience to users those who don’t have any android devices or for those users who want test android apps before installing it in their smart phone .With these tools you can easily run any games and apps which are only compatible with android devices.There are many simulators available for free but you have to install them in your Windows Or Mac in order to access the OS.

In this post we are going to show how to use online android emulator which is lightweight in-browser based and run all application and games like a high-end android device without any installations.This is not only useful for regular user but also for android developers who are going to build a cross-platform app.

Manymo- The Best Online Android Emulator:

Manymo is a browser-based tool that can load any type of app or game in 13 different screen resolutions and in 8 different Android version in  any browser instantly.The most interesting part of this is that it offers free account with limited features,which is not bad to test or for personal use.

How To Use Manymo:

Using Manymo is much easier,but as it does not have direct access to Google Play store you cannot download any application directly .It has to be loaded manually and this tutorial will help you in loading application to run in Manymo.

1.First sign up for a free account by following this link ,verify your email and then log in to your account.

2.Download the direct .apk file of the required app or game.

2.Next click on Launch emulators and in that page you will find Launch with App/URL option at he top right corner as shown in the below image.

Launch a application in Manymo

3.Click Launch with App,a new page will open.You can directly drop the downloaded .apk file or you choose the browse option to choose the file from any drive in your computer and press continue.

Uploading App in Manymo

4.The file will now upload to their  server and now the emulator page will open.You can choose different android versions by clicking the drop down menu in different simulators as shown in the below image.

Choosing android emulator

5.Now your app will be loaded in to the simulator and you can start using the application in your browser.


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