Schlage handkey ii : setup menu

Setup Menu

The Setup menu commands allow you to set the basic operating parameters for the HandReader.

!NOTE Once in the Setup menu you can step through and set the parameters for each command sequentially. You do not have to exit command mode after setting any individual command. 

Navigating the         Once you have entered the Setup menu, there are three options available for navigating

Setup Menu  the command menu system.

Press  to enter the command shown on the display.

Press  to step to the next command in the menu.

  Press Clear to exit the command menu (pressing any numeric key also exits the command menu). If you are in a command’s sub-menu, you may have to press Clear multiple times to completely exit the command menu.


There are 12 commands available from the Setup command menu.

•    Set Language

•    Set Date Format

•    Set Time and Date

•    Set Address

•    Set ID Length

•    Set Facility

•    Aux Out Control

•    Set Reader Mode

•    Set Serial

•    Set Duress Code

•    Set Beeper

•    Upgrade

Refer to and identify the command you need to perform. Step through all previous commands until you reach the desired command.

Setup Menu

Table 12-8: Setup Command Menu

Setup Menu Password = 2
Set Language
          Select Language
Set Date Format
          Select Date Format
Set Time and Date
          Month (MM)
          Day (DD)
          Year (YY)
          Hour (HH)
          Minute (MM)
Set Address
          New Address
Set ID Length
          New ID Length
Set Facility
Auxiliary Output Control
          Select Auxiliary Output 1/2
          Aux 1 Out Control
          Aux 2 Out Control
          Output Set by Tamper
          Output Set by ID Refused
          Output Set by Duress
          Output Set by Try Again
          Output Set by F1 Key
          Output Set by F2 Key
          Output Set on Battery Backup
          Auxiliary Output Cleared by Timer
          Aux Output Cleared by Valid Access
Set Reader Mode
          To Master/Remote
Set Serial
          RS-422 (Y/N)
          Select Baud Rate
          RS-232 (Y/N)
          Select Baud Rate
          Use RS-232 for Printer or Host
Set Serial
          Verify/Enter IP Address
          Verify/Enter Gateway
          Verify/Enter Host Bit
Set Duress Code
          Enter Duress Code
Set Beeper
          Turn Beeper On/Off (Y/N)
          Enter Code

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