Separate PHP configuration from server

skenario :

server running PHP :
1. global register off
2. error display off
3. Magic quote on

biar bs on di direktori tertentu aj gmn?

tambahin ini di .htacces

php_flag register_globals on
php_flag display_errors on
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off

*dpt dr ewid

PHP Error Reporting With .htaccess

# report everything except run-time notices.
php_value error_reporting 8191
# report both fatal and non-fatal compile-time warnings by the Zend Engine
php_value error_reporting 128
# report run-time notices, compile-time parse errors, run-time errors and warnings
php_value error_reporting 8
# report fatal run-time errors and unrecoverable errors
php_value error_reporting 1

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