Content of SAP System Administration (Basis) Curriculum

Content of SAP System Administration (Basis) Curriculum

# SAP Web AS Fundamentals (++) (SAPTEC)

1. SAP Solution Offering
2. Navigation
3. SAP System Architecture
4. Enterprise Services Architecture
5. SAP NetWeaver, Overview

# SAP Web AS Administration I (+++) (ADM100)

1. Starting and Stopping SAP systems
2. System Configuring
3. Configuring SAP Help (Documentation)
4. Archiving SAP Data
5. User Management in SAP System
6. Configuring Remote Connections
7. Patching SAP System, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons
8. Scheduling Background Jobs
9. Setting up Printers of types C, L, S, U and F, planning a spool
10. Monitoring SAP Systems
11. Introduction to Structured Error Analysis
12. Introduction to System Security
13. Fundamental of Working with the Database
14. Working with the Transport System

# SAP Web AS Administration II (++) (ADM102)

1. Technology Components for Browser-based User Interfaces
2. Configuring Central User Administration
3. Using LDAP to integrate Directory Servers with SAP Systems

# SAP Web AS Java Administration (+++) (ADM200)

1. Java Basics (non-programming topics)
2. Starting and Stopping SAP Web AS Java
3. Configuring SAP Web AS Java
4. User Management in SAP Web AS Java
5. Patching SAP Web AS Java
6. Software Logistics for SAP Web AS Java
7. Monitoring SAP Web AS Java

# SAP System Installation (+) (ADM110)

1. Installation Planning
2. Installation Preparation
3. Installing SAP GUI
4. Installation Process
5. Post-Installation Activities
6. Patching the Kernel
7. Unicode Conversion
8. Troubleshooting Installation Problems

# Software Logistics (++) (ADM325)

1. SAP System Architecture from a Software Logistics point of view
2. TMS and Extended Transport Control
3. Customizing and Development in ABAP
4. Transporting changes in ABAP
5. Client Tools
6. Note Assistant
7. Introduction to Upgrade Technology

# Workload Analysis (++) (ADM315)

1. Components of a Dialog Step
2. Workload Analysis Monitors
3. SAP Memory Management
4. Verifying the Hardware Capacity (Sizing)
5. Analysing Expensive SQL Statements
6. SAP Table Buffering
7. RFC Monitoring

# SAP Authorization Concept (ADM940)

1. Elements of the SAP authorization concept
2. User master record
3. Working with the profile generator (roles, composite roles,
reference roles, derived roles, Customizing roles)
4. Profile Generator: Installation and upgrade
5. Integration into organizational management, including a
demonstration (without structural authorization in HR)
6. Access control and user administration (password rules, special
users, user and authorization administration)
7. Analysis and monitoring functions
8. Special authorization components, use of area menus
9. Transport of authorization components
10. Central User Administration

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