Download Windows Bermacam-macam versi

Mo download Windows XP? Di sini tempatnya bro, ga pake lama karena pake IIX…

1.Windows Black lite

2.Xp Gamer Edition

3.Xp SP2 Pro Sata Iso

4.Xp Sp3 Pro

5.Xp 9 In 1

6.Xp Performance Edition :

7.Xp Portable Edition:

8.Xp Gold Edition :

9.Xp Student Edition :

10.XP Loepard Edition :

11.VistaXP Ultimate :

12.VistaXP Spiderman Edition V3.0 :

13.XP Java Edition :

14.WinuTuxu :

15.XP Egyptian Hack :

16.Windows XP Black Edition With SP3 :

17.Windows XP Pro Corporate Edition SP2 VLK 2006 :

18.Windows XP SP 3 Performance Edition ISO 195 MB :

19.LinDows 4.5.130
20.Longhorn Beta 1 (DVD):

21.Win 2003 Server :

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