Howto Export dbf/access to mysql (another ways)

This is a another ways to do it, without install somthing in’r machine

This information applies to a single table.

1) Export data from Access 2000 to a delimited text file.
2) Create an appropriate table on the MySQL server.
3) Import the delimited text file into the MySQL table.

1. Open Access 2000
2. Export the table to a comma or tab-delimited text file
3. Close Access
4. Login to MySQL Server
5. Change to desired database or CREATE DATABASE
6. Create the appropriate MySQL table structure using CREATE TABLE
7. Use the LOAD DATA INFILE command to load the data

The LOAD DATA statement might look like this (comma-delimited):

mysql> load data infile 'filename' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','

See the MySQL Manual:

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