Today day, 25 years ago i was born. I was born in Jakarta, 11 Dec 1982. Still nothing change i still live in this city. I live with my dad and sister since i’m so little (meaby about six years old? Ah i dont realy remember my old time as a child..)

I never lived in outer city. Bekasi for exception, i live there for 8 years, from 5 year old to 13. i never been to outer city (except bengkulu my mother homeland offcourse). Yogya, semarang or Surabaya. I never been to that cities. So you called me home boy 😀

Still lots in my life that haven’t achieve. Pray to the god, five times a day for example, still it hard to pray on Subuh and Isya’. Dont know why. Old people say because the devil put a pig skin on your eyes, so your feeling sleepy and dont want 2 pray 😛
Pleasing my parent is also my priority. It’s my duty to make the feel better about them and myself. After all the thing the have done for me all my life. Mom, Dad i miss you..

Ok, back to the materialistic world, hehee. Sily me, just can’t saving money in this years. Where have you been bob.?? Okay i admit it i always waste my money for something that isn’t important enought. Something like clubbing (we called it dugem here :P) and woman. Ooh man ..

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