Audiovox 6600 and esia card internet configuration.

Using Esia CDMA card and an audiovox 6600 same as me? You want to using internet but dont know how to set it.? Here we go :

• Select Start – Settings, choose Connections tab, clicks the Connections icon
• Select Add a new modem connection
• Fill this information :

– Enter a name for the connection: Esia
– Select a modem: Celluar Line

• Select Next
• Fill the number to be dialed: #777. Select Next
• Fill this information :

– User name: wap
– Password: wap
– Domain : ( you can empty it)

• Select Finish

Note : I test it in Audiovox 6600, meaby it work for another PDA (like Thera, O2, Dopod) but never tested it.

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